Sunday, February 3, 2008

East Coast Prep Compacts

When I was at Leadership, I purchased the mirror compacts as gifts for my downline and upline. I just sent them off in the mail this week, so hopefully everyone has received them by now and I won't ruin the surprise by posting the pictures here.

Since I didn't want to just give them the cello bag with the compact, I also altered Nicole Heady's criss-cross box to make it small enough so that the compacts fit in it nicely...I even included a matching 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 card! I think they turned out SO cute! I used the new East Coast Prep paper (so bright and cheery!) and the Think Happy Thoughts stamp set. (I resisted that stamp set so long....but it really is NICE for making quick little cards and has a good selection of words!)

Making these little 3D items is one of the major reasons I got hooked on stamping and paper crafting. I love cards, but making little presents like this is so much fun..... Hmmm, I have one more left...who should I give it to? Maybe the NEXT recruit who signs up with me? lol!

I've been spending the weekend getting my paperwork inputted into a spreadsheet for taxes. Almost done. Tonight we are off to a Superbowl party at friends...we've been going to their house for the game at least 10 years. Our boys grew up together!

Stay warm,


Kerry said...

What a great idea, Connie! These are wonderful!

Cassie said...

I sell jewelry and this would be an awesome gift for my downline as well! Can you share your source for the compacts? Thanks!

rozie640 said...

OH MY GOSH, Connie, those are SO ADORABLE!!!!! Your downline ladies are going to be flippin' out when they receive them! Excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Darling! Leadership gets fun perks. Do you think I could be adopted into your downline for a day???LOL