Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lovely Letters

As soon as I saw this alphabet, Lovely Letters, in the new catalog, I knew it would be in my collection. So, even though I got it soon after Convention, this was the first time I've used it! I had something like this in mind when I got it, but just hadn't had time to do anything.

So...I get a phone call this morning from my DH (I'll let you choose the adjective!).

Him: "Hi honey, sweetie pie...what cha doing?"
Me: What do you need?
Him: Well, yesterday was Administrative Assistant Day and I didn't know so I didn't get anything for my Executive Assistant. Could you whip something up real quick for her? I need to take it into work with me tomorrow.
Me: You owe me BIG time

lol! Now...Stephanie is a sweetheart and she is SO good to my DH, so even though I have a TON of assignments needing done and I had a class tonight, I managed to put together this package of note cards for her.

Many thanks to Michelle Wooderson for the idea of the note cards. I love how they turned out AND they were so quick to put together. The words were printed off on my computer. I also lined the inside of the envelopes with the DSP. I made some envelope seals with her monogram and a little envelope from the DSP to hold the seals. A ribbon holds the mini envelope closed. The paper is Stampin' Up!'s Fall Flowers and I particularly LOVE this flower pattern in that package. It took a little less than 2 full 12x12 sheets to do it all. I tucked the 8 cards, envelopes and seals into the card box. I think she'll be pleased with her gift! Now I'm thinking I'll make these for Mother's Day and tuck a gift card inside, too!



sjk said...

What a lovely set! I'm sure that she loved it!

Sara in WI

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow ...what an insiration you are...these are just wonderful! Now I need to get busy! Thanks for sharing your great posts! Paula

Carey said...

This is fantastic. How did you make the monogram circles? How did you make the box to put all the goodies in? Inquiring minds want to know.

Susan Mac Donald said...

YES, I know what you mean----I had a similiar experience with my DH. These are wonderful & anyone should be pleased to receive this, no matter what the occassion. I had the flu, so I chose to make a pieced runner, for her diningroom table. I don't always make a stamped item. THX. for sharing!