Monday, October 29, 2007

End of Season Hydrangeas

Last night listening to the news, I heard that we were going to get a heavy frost. For some freaky reason, our hydrangea bushes decided to bloom in September/October and they have been GORGEOUS! I decided at 11:30 PM to go out and cut the larger blooms and cover the rest of the bushes with sheets. However, we had such a hard frost that the sheets didn't help...the budding flowers have mostly turned brown today. So sad to see all the flowers dying off. On a happy note, the trees around here are beautiful. is a picture of the last of the season Hydrangeas I rescued. They are resting on my island in the kitchen so I can enjoy them all day long. Does anyone know how to dry them? I'd love to make a wreath from the dried blooms.

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Lori R said...

To dry them, leave them in the vase they are in. Simply let the water evaporate and do not add any.
Leaving them in the vase then to dry. Keep them away from sunlight.
When they are completely dry,
spray them with hairspray to help set them.
I used to work at an herb farm and this is how we did it!!
Good luck!
illiniscrapper - Lori

rozie640 said...

Your flowers are beautiful. You must love it when spring comes and they start to bloom again!

Courtney Fowler said...

hydrangeas are my favorite!! Those are gorgeous!

Patty said...

FABULOUS.. wow.. they bloom really late into the season for you! Mine were done a couple months ago... thanks for sharing the photo!! Lovely! :) Patty