Thursday, October 18, 2007

Miss Longaberger Long Legs Spider

OK....I have a million OTHER things to be stamping today, but I couldn't get this idea out of my head, so I took a break and put this together. Remember yesterday I mentioned that I saw a spider face fabric lid for a round Longaberger basket that sits in the Wrought Iron Long Legs I purchased yesterday? Well, it was really simple...just a black lid with googly eyes (and a $20 price tag) so I knew I could recreate the look with chipboard and cardstock. Here is my version for less than 50 cents! I even gave her some eyelashes! Too much fun! I have it sitting on my sofa table, so anyone walking around my family room, kitchen or dinette area will see her!

The round Longaberger bowl I had fits the stand perfectly! I used the Large Oval punch, 3/4 circle punch and 1/4 circle punch for her eyes, then just cut and curled some strips of black cardstock for the lashes!

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