Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm Exhausted!

Whew...the craft fair is OVER! I'm so tired! I did well...over $200 worth of small items I stamped or altered sold. In fact, I sold out of several items. I was shocked that nothing over $10 sold! Luckily, I had only done a few things in that category. Good news is that I can use them for gifts, door prizes and hostess gifts. I'm excited that I picked up a few new customers for my classes, too. And, I was happy that I used up some of my retired designer papers and supplies.

Remember the Altoid type tins? I sold out of all the Santa face ones, sold several Snowman ones (which I'll use for my Christmas gift cards this year) but only sold ONE Frankenstein tin!!! Everyone picked it up and commented how cute it was. So now I have about 7 poor lonely Frankensteins left... I ended up filling the tins with wrapped Hershey Nugget chocolates, 5 fit in each tin. Almost everyone who looked at the table picked up one of those tins to look at it closer. lol!

Silly me didn't take closeups of the items I had for sale. I just had a picture of my overall "practice" table. I always practice my table arrangement at home before I go to a craft fair...that way I can determine what goes where instead of doing it the morning of the show. I'll post it tomorrow when I have a little more energy. lol!


Carey said...

I am really surprised you didn't sell more of Frank. He was adorable. I am glad for you it is over. Would you consider moving to Missouri so I can go to some of your classes. How about just coming to my house for a visit and some classes. LOL


Gwen Mangelson said...

I am with ya sistah! CONGRATS!

I just finished a 3 day craft fair about 20 min away from home and I am wiped out! I had very high sales and I am very excited about it.

I have over 40 names on my classes list and sold about 23 SU catalogs too! Now to follow through. I took photos of my booth and posted them on my blog if you want to take a look- hugs! Gwen