Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stamp Retreat weekend

Yeah! It is FINALLY here! I'm packed and ready to go for my extended weekend stamp retreat. About 25 of us get together twice a year and head to camp facilities (really NICE ones!) to spend the weekend doing our own thing. Some people scrapbook, some stamp, some sew...whatever craft you want to do.

It has taken me ALL morning to pack up my'd think I was moving out! My Murano SUV is FULL. I don't know why I think I have to have it all with me...but I just might not have enough stuff to work! Yeah, right! I'll be lucky to finish half of what I brought with me. I plan on stocking up on all occassion cards, sympathy cards, birthday cards and stuff for the rest of the year. PLUS, I have my new sets all mounted and ready to be played with! won't be hearing from me until Monday! But I'll have some NEW stuff to publish! Have a great (and safe) St. Patrick's Day weekend!

GO Ohio State University Buckeyes!

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Karrie Baker said...

Have fun at your retreat Connie, I will be anxiously awaiting your posts when you return!! heehee