Friday, June 29, 2007

SO thankful!

OH...I'm so thankful to be back! I cannot believe how much I do on the computer each day. It was driving me crazy trying to fix it on my own. I guess I don't feel bad, it took the Geek Squad agent almost 4 hours trying to fix it...only to determine that we are going to have to do a complete restore...on another day, thank goodness! I put that off for 2 weeks so I can recover from this experience. Whew.

So...I haven't done ANY stamping the past few days, except for a little work on my Technique Junkies assignments for the upcoming newsletter. Mainly cause I've been trying to get my computer up and running. I guess I'll be playing catch up this weekend on my stamping assignments.

Glad you hung in with me. I'll have some samples to show you tomorrow! Take care.

I need to adjust my computer font size...he left it VERY tiny! lol!

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